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The following is from an interview I had with Victoria Hamilton-Rivers about her interior design and home staging business. Like you, I was eager to understand her background and how it supports her work. I think you will find, as I did, that her work and background recommend her for any project you could consider.

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Victoria Hamilton RiversVictoria was born and educated in England. Her father served as an officer in the British army. He and his family traveled extensively throughout the world, providing an ideal and early exposure to international design and architecture. Because of their pattern of relocating, Victoria and her mother soon fine tuned a skill for quickly creating an intimate feeling of “home” and stability - wherever they lived. Her first hand knowledge of numerous styles and a decisive sense of aesthetic, has created the foundation for the services Victoria now offers.

Victoria earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in design in Nottingham, England. She spent the following 20 years in the fashion business – a fast paced and constantly evolving industry driven by trend, color, fabric and style. Victoria directed exhibitions and fashion shows in London, Paris, Munich, Dusseldorf, Milan, New York, Hong Kong and Columbia. Not only did this experience expand her exposure to international style and design, but it also developed an expertise for sales and marketing and a sought-after reputation in London for establishing designers with international retailers. This understanding of commerce proves invaluable when staging a house for the purpose of enhancing its marketability.

After leaving the fashion industry, Victoria connected with Roi Projects, Ltd. (formerly Honeygrove Properties, Ltd.) a British company that develops, designs and builds properties in the South East of England. As its VP of design, Victoria works with management and architects to create the most marketable, appealing interiors prior to the sale of each of their properties (view at www.roiprojects.co.uk). Even after Victoria immigrated to the United States from London, Roi Projects still rely on her design expertise on their development projects.

In 2000, Victoria moved to the United States permanently and brought her international design sense and her staging expertise to the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s no surprise that, in an area as sophisticated as ours, Victoria’s aesthetic has been so immediately and graciously received. In July of 2006, on ABC, Channel 7 “View from the Bay,” Victoria was featured for her staging work. (see link below) Victoria’s ability to so readily establish her United States reputation is evidence of her professionalism, collaborative working style, and her impeccable aesthetic.

I asked Victoria to briefly describe what motivates her to continue to create at this level - in her words:

“My passion is in transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. What drives me is the joy and inspiration my interiors bring to others. Making this sort of contribution is my raison d’etre.”

Watch View from the Bay video